Fixed Bugs

  • Fixed bug in stream processing to account correctly for receptive field of the model

  • When use_chunking=True, the chunking method is actually used


  • Add speechRT model for low-latency speech predictions (decision latency <100ms)

  • Add new methods of processing - process_audio_bytes, process_audio_chunk - more suitable for analysing byte numpy arrays directly

  • Make the SDK thread-safe


Breaking Changes

  • The output of the process_file function changed to align with the process_stream function. For more information on the new output structure see

Fixed Bugs

  • Performance bug in the output calculation

  • File processing results are now consistent with the streaming results

  • Typo in ‘GENDER_UNKOWN’ constant


  • Add ability to retrieve raw model outputs to allow for customisation. For example usage see here.

  • Add silence detection to all models

  • Optimise performance when using more than one model


Initial release with the Speech, Gender and Arousal models.